The Woman Who Can Do It All

In our last post we talked about the high expectations placed on women and the choices we have when it comes to meeting those expectations. We all know someone who has made the decision to be the woman who can do it all.

She is the one who is driven to succeed in both matters of the heart and the mind. She is told time and time again that she must decide between family or her career. She is told that her place was in the home, with the children that she carried in her body. If she divides her attention, nothing would come out as strong as it “ought to”. Perhaps she spent her youth creating a professional path that fueled her fire but was encouraged to put it on pause or risk never experiencing the joy of building a family.

The woman who can do it all has been fed limiting advice her whole life but has the strength to see right through it. She knows what she is capable of and has chosen to pursue it all. She believes in her ability to balance the elements of life that make her the force that she is today. The woman that can do it all can scare those who have succumbed to the social pressures to choose one or the other because she’s shown them that with strength and devotion, nothing is off limits and everything is within reach.


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