Who isn’t Superwoman?

The modern woman is a spectacular thing. She is the breadwinner, the tending mother, and the fearless leader. She is gentle, yet firm. She is driven, yet compassionate. Her busy schedule pulls her every which way, yet she’s always there when you need her. She can be drained from a long day but still has the energy to laugh with her loved ones. She is Superwoman and this is why we love her.

We’ve reached a place where women are not only encouraged, but expected to be everything. There are two important things to remember before putting on your cape:

1. You don’t actually have to be everything. Every day we’re given choices and you can’t go wrong when you follow your heart. When you face the opportunity to take on that promotion, get married or bring a child into the picture, know that only you can determine the right decision for you.

2. If you bravely accept the challenge to be a superheroine, save yourself first. Remember the safety instructions on airplanes? Put your mask on first, then help others. If you forget to put yourself first, you run the risk of running yourself into the ground. It’s important you know that it’s okay to ask for a day off or to delegate tasks to others.

Everyone has their own limit, make it a priority to know yours. The demands are high for women and a balanced life is within reach. You really can have it all and do it all, with grace. But only if you truly listen to what is your heart desires.

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