The emotional toll of being the woman who can do it all

As women, we tend to live through our emotions. This is one of the major reasons behind our highly motivated personalities and goals. At, we understand that as we experience the highs and the lows, stresses and sorrows, full throttle. It’s that motherly instinct that makes us vulnerable to emotional responsibility, feeling the need to be that supporting structure and dependable figure in caring for others.

With that said, we constantly experience situations in which we are pushed and pulled to the brink of exhaustion—emotional exhaustion. It could be from driving your children from after school activity-to-activity, or putting in that three extra hours at work to get that project completed, or even listening to your spouse unveil the entirety of his tiresome work day while you prepare dinner and make sure the kids’ homework is done. When we get in that mode of thinking, we lose sight of the most important thing—ourselves. Although we may be selfless with our priorities, dedicating our time to work, children, spouses, friends and family, it is important to understand that in order to be that stable providing entity, sought by others, we must first and foremost ensure a solid foundation of stability for ourselves. provides resources and proven tools that help you find balance and succeed.

This may include taking a breather from time to time; pampering yourself every once in a while, or even taking a mini vacation. Whatever it may be, finding that time to let your body heal both mentally and physically will allow the inner ‘woman who can do it all’ in you to recuperate. The woman who can do it all a runs on quality fuel-that being personal care, and just like any other efficient machine, that fuel must be replenished. So, take a look at your schedule, reassess your priorities, and see where you can fit yourself in for better days ahead.

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