Are you ready to dominate  the global market?

Edgepreneurs University is just what you need to take your business to the next level.

Growth, we all want it but few are willing to pay the price, or at least understand what it really means to grow. Conception is pleasurable but birthing, giving life, growth is painful. 

When entrepreneurs are not well prepared for Growth, they don’t have the right support systems, their pillars are not in place, and business growth can be very painful. 

That is why I created a 5 week program, and weekly Q&A within the Edgepreneurs University

What you get in Edgepreneurs University

Abby’s Business Growth Pillars – Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. Your mindset – Your thinking has to be in alignment with your growth.
  2. Your people – They have to be part of the growth, and understand what it will look like.
  3. Your systems – All things have to have the right systems and structure to endure growth.
  4. Your profits – You MUST be involved in your number. Be educated, be informed, it’s your money.
  5. Your health – Why do most entrepreneurs are get burned out? They are unhealthy, and self care is a myth.

Be part of the movement that is creating an environment that is conducive for your business growth.

Abby’s Millionaire Training

As an entrepreneur you will always find yourself looking for the next thing, next level, and next product or service to better position yourself for success. You are always looking for ways to improve your business and be ahead of your competitors.

As a leader, you are the model for your team. It is time to invest in yourself and your team! Abby Millionaire Training will help you find the keys to navigate your industry and discover the avenues that lead to success.

With Abby's Millionaire Training you will learn:
  • The key you will need to stay ahead of your game
  • How to better position yourself in 2019 as an expert for a global market
  • How to be in the right ROOM! Yes, where the real action is, where connections are happening, and where business is done in deep waters
  • How to ask for business referrals with grace and ease

In addition, the bonus videos will help you:

  • Design a plan that connects with your Audience.
  • Create success through ongoing training
  • Learn new ways of engaging your client and keep them coming back

About Abigael Wangombe

I come from humble beginnings — I was the middle child in a family with seven children in the Nakuru district of Kenya. While I knew I was destined for greater things, I also knew that I couldn’t merely sit back and wait for those things to come. I worked my way through college, because my family couldn’t afford to pay my way. To get to my classes, I walked 20 miles round trip, five days a week. And although I didn’t know it then, those miles were just the beginning of my journey.

Ever since I was young, I have felt a deep calling for the care and support of others, so continuing my education with nursing school was a logical choice. And though moving all the way to Seattle wasn’t quite as logical, the training I received gave me the knowledge I needed to start and manage the home-care business I own in the area today, Family Best Care.

Creating that company didn’t just scratch my entrepreneurial “itch,” however. It fueled my desire to do more — increasing business development, expanding my educational work and seeking out additional opportunities to speak and inspire.

Whether you’re facing challenges similar to mine, or you just don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. I can’t wait to see you bring your business to life and thrive both personally and professionally!

  • I’ve created a clothing line for the home-care industry, the Abby Care Collection.
  • I have been a featured speaker and presenter at seminars and events around the world, including in Dubai and Kenya.
  • My story has been featured on television in Kenya as an example of a successful woman running her own business.
  • I have published two e-books, including “Business From Within, Vol. 1,” the first in a series that will help women achieve their professional goals.
  • Finally, I built this website, which is dedicated to showing all women that with hard work and passion, they can create the future they desire for themselves.

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