Weekly Growth Nuggets: Diligence, Investment, and Profit

Here are your weekly quick growth nuggets and a few happenings that we believe will fuel both your personal and business lives:

1. The partnership with the creator, master designer, God in your business:


DILIGENT: Hardworking, thorough, attentive, dedicated, tireless, drive to achieve. Diligent people have a plan, they understand the season, and they work. They are committed to their growth and are willing to invest outside their comfort zone and understand the principle of hard work.

2. We believe that waiting for things to happen while doing nothing is an excuse for laziness. Start where you are; start laying down the pillars of where you need to be.

3. Do what other people are not doing; Go against the grid, have a profitable plan, and listen to your audience.

4. Invest in people that have the potential to purchase your products or services. Do not waste time entertaining people that won’t buy.

What we are doing to promote your growth? We are supporting you in: MAKING MONEY, SAVING MONEY, AND MULTIPLYING MONEY.

We are investing in your growth and getting amazing results. We are helping more and more people. Get in on the action with AGV Growth Room! As a diligent entrepreneur, your life and business goals should be intentional. We would love to help you set intentional goals to situate you for success!

You cannot profit from doing nothing!

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