As I focus more on female forces in entrepreneurship, I have made a handful of interesting observations about the tendencies of women in business:

  • Women love relationships
  • We thrive in groups; like chickens, we hate isolation and loneliness
  • We love friendships; we like to have others in our circle to talk to, chat with, brainstorm with, etc.

As female entrepreneurs, our culture is grounded on ideas of empathy, love, and relationships versus the traditional pillars of the business world, including keeping up with and getting ahead of the Joneses. Women thrive in collaboration, connection, partnerships, and mutual support.  

We love simplicity: less IS more is our new GAME. Don’t give women mechanical drawings or rigid blueprints to follow in order to get ahead; we are not attracted to that hustle. Women love to focus on non-benefits and delivery versus a mechanical product. Simplify things for us: make them tangible and connected to human relationships. Make concepts relatable and beneficial.

Put people first, people last and people always.

Understanding women is the key to tailoring your products and services to fit their needs. Our Edgeprenuer University is the perfect place to learn more about how to understand and connect with clients so that you can deliver exactly what they need. 

When you truly know your client, you meet their needs more quickly and efficiently. When you truly know your client, you can sell directly to them instead of wasting time making assumptions. When you truly understand and are in sync with your client, you can count on them believing in your product and acting as a brand ambassador for you. 

Join us at Edepreneuer University starting June 10th to learn more about how to hone your understanding of, and connection to, your client base!

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