The 4 Phases of Customer Acquisition

What makes one product take off, while another sits dormant on the shelf? How do you build brand loyalty? One of the best ways to build brand-loyalty in the early stages of bringing your product to market is through word-of-mouth. See our steps below on how to get that client base you of your dreams!

Phase 1: Get 1 person to try your product

When thinking about growing your client base, you may find yourself getting overwhelmed with the numbers. What you need to do is start from the bottom: selling your product starts with a single customer. Get to know that customer so well that they could be your best friend. Learn their problems, and then figure out exactly how your product solves their problem.

Phase 2: Get that person to love your product

Once you’ve solved their problem, they will begin to love your product. To make sure that they do, remind them of what their problem was, and then help them see how your product solved their problem. You can do this through social media advertising, newsletters, or print media.

Phase 3: Encourage her to refer a friend

If she really loves your product, she’s probably telling all her friends about it. In the rare case that she’s not, give her some incentive to tell her friends. Offer a refer-a-friend discount of either a %, or a dollar amount.

Phase 4: She will buy, and so will her friend

By this step, you now have 2 loyal customers that love your product. Repeat this process as many times as needed until your product has a momentum all it’s own!

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