Building a Marketing Campaign Around Life’s Biggest Milestones


Marketing may seem mysterious and challenging. There are so many tactics to try and it can be hard to know which ones will work. But when it comes down to it, it’s rather simple. To market your offering successfully have to know your target market, what their pain points are, and let them know you have what they need.

As the mastermind of your business, you know your target market better than anyone. Finding the right way to get in front of them and showing them that your offering is the solution to their problems will build a loyal following. They’ll be grateful you showed up for them just when they needed you most.

By following these 4 simple steps, you can create an authentic and meaningful marketing campaign that supports your business and helps you build a loyal customer base for years to come.


Tapping Into the Receptive Mindset

Everyday millions of women are seeking helpful products that make navigating life-changing events, like getting married or having children, more manageable. These events trigger the need for support and it’s your job to tap into this opportunity and show up for them.


Understanding the Power of this Mindset

Getting to know what motivates these women during these times of transition will help you reach them. When you understand what their needs are you can offer them the solution they crave.


Jump into the Opportunity

These life events stir up their need for new solutions. When the opportunity to help someone arises, don’t hesitate. When you become the answer to their problems immediately, they can rely on you to be there again when the next life transition occurs. You’re making their life easy by showing up for them, making it an undesirable choice to look elsewhere.


Capture their Attention

You’ve worked hard to get in front of them, don’t miss the opportunity to keep their attention. Make it clear what it is you offer by referencing your products and how they help. But most importantly, capture their contact information. Email marketing is one of the most effective methods of communication with the clients that have already fallen in love with you. When you stay in touch with them, they’ll never forget you.

Life events and milestones are a great opportunity to show your value. Understanding what your clients need to feel supported and being the one that’s there for them in those times of transition is the most powerful marketing tool you could ever have.



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