Reach Your Pinnacle Today

With each new project, I always take several measures to make it a reality. I calendar in the deadline and plan the days I will need to prepare.

When assignments are backed by preparation, miracles always happen. I can testify to that!

I am on a journey, setting intention to lay the foundation and invest in whatever I need in order to see God work through me and in me to help others along the way.

Success is a product of wisdom. The principle of miles and mini-feats entails breaking down your projects into small steps, confronting procrastination head-on and giving yourself a deadline. This is what will help you reach your pinnacle days quickly, with ease and grace.

At Edgeprenuer University, our goal is to help you do just that! 

Edgeprenuer University is designed for you, the entrepreneur who understands that business has changed, brands are more personal, making money is completely reverse engineered but with a mental shift that will detox and track the code.

This training will help you understand: 

1.     Your buyers and consumers
2.     Your team, either virtual or physical
3.     Your systems and how to streamline your work productively and effectively
4.   And the importance of self-care, because there is no business without a healthy you!

Become part of the movement for a better you and join Edgeprenuer University as we open our doors once again.  Deadline to register is Friday October 4th.  

Join today!

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