Knowing Your Power

Here is your transformative thought of the day: when you know that something works, accept that divine truth by being unencumbered by doubt.  When your mind is free, when you have moved past the blockades, only then can you be assured of your inner wisdom.  And then you can let ALL others know.

From my place of freedom, I am assured of this: Business is more than its revenue numbers – Selah!  Shifting focus to fortifying your business model and being the best leader possible is paramount.  If you optimize yourself and your business model, the revenue will always follow.  Here is what I know is sure to propel you to success:

1. Be a problem solver – Focus on the problems that your clients continue to have and provide long term solutions that are tangible- the task at hand is always priority!  This is the standard that you and your team should hold yourselves to, consistency is key.

2. Build a strong leadership – Lead with purpose, and confidence.  Your team looks to you as their compass, and you must be unwaveringly motivated to guide them.

3. Surround yourself with like-minded team members – “Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor.” – Ecclesiastes 4:9 It is true that there is strength in numbers! Assemble a team that is made up of people who can handle the ups and downs of business and aren’t daunted by new innovations and the quality of your industry. Though you will lead them, a shepherd is dependent on the strength of their flock.

How to get there?  I can help you on your journey.  At Abby Global Adventures we look at valuation and growth but also the company’s impact on its community.  Profit is key, but the first step is to help you re-write your story and weigh the challenges.

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You hold the power- seize it!

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