Powerful Tools for the Year Ahead

This is going to be a year of finding order and re-direction. As you have been working on growing your business, certain things that worked in the past are no-longer going to work, you will not be able to do business as normal. It will require creativity, a new level of thinking, and investing in ways that will make your body clench. But in the end, certain moves that God ordains will give back in bigger ways than we ever expected.


There will be new directions and the wisdom of when, how and with whom. This will also help you propel your perspective and stay grounded in gratitude for everything that you are receiving, regardless of which form it comes in.


Here are the tools that you will need this coming year to be sharp and ready to grow yourself and your business.


The Spicy Rules to Bring Your Business To Life To Do List: Because who doesn’t need a checklist and some direction?! We all need it! As an entrepreneur, if you’re not organized, your clients will notice, and no one wants to work with a person who is all over the place. Get this checklist and delegate. Miss Perfect, you cannot do it all and that’s ok!


Abby Millionaire Training: No one has a crystal ball, but we all want the key that can open the door for success and clarity. For over 8 years this has worked for me, and it will work for you as well. Unlock the keys to navigate your industry and discover the avenues that lead to success.


Edgepreneur University: Are you ready to bring your business to a new place, a new level? Are you tired of circling around the block? This is for serious entrepreneurs can’t have a 9 to 5 as an option, moms who have kids and would like a solid income, those who want to create their dreams. This is an investment that supports you for life, from 5, 6 or even 7 figures. This package includes your self-care. I know I’ve said it before, most entrepreneurs are lacking self-care, which affects their mental clarity and their team. A leader who lacks self-care, cannot handle stress very well. Invest in yourself and your business.


Your growth is our success.




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