Building a brand that profits


In recent years it has become evident that a brand with a purpose is a brand that profits. Brands with a purpose are shown to outperform those without. This increased competitive advantage leads to increased brand visibility and client acquisition. It also helps you attract talent and grow a rockstar team. Being values-aligned has never made better business-sense!

Business → Profit → Purpose


How to build brand that aligns with your purpose and your bottom line:

Set your fundamentals early

Craft your brand around your purpose, rather than your purpose around your brand. The earlier in the game you start on this the better! Begin with a brainstorm, and then narrow down your results until you arrive at the core value you’re bringing to your customers.

Line up your niche market

Figure out exactly who your target market is. How is your business providing value to this market segment? Who else is already filling this need, and how can you differentiate?


Define what you do and don’t do

Get clear on what value your business provides to the customer, and talk to your customers from the point of view. Get out on the pavement and start asking your niche market what needs they have, and how you can fill those!


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