Leveraging Employee Input

Your team is undoubtedly a fundamental piece of your business’s success – but aside from how each employee contributes to the company in their individual field, have you considered how their ongoing input and involvement in general matters can not only strengthen your bottom line but also give them a true sense of agency over their work and their involvement with the company?

Here are some easy ways to involve them in the daily ins and outs of your workflow:

1. Prioritize regular team check-ins: Invite them to strategize with you on a regular basis not only provides an opportunity to make your team feel heard and get feedback that could prove imperative to your success, it offers a chance to keep your finger on the pulse of team dynamics and get ahead of any interpersonal issues.
2. Provide obtainable opportunities for growth: If you catch wind of someone who wants to elevate their involvement with the company, give them the chance to wow you! Have them sit in on a meeting, make a mock-up for a content release or
3. Tell them their input matters – literally! Being clear and vocalizing that you value their opinions and input goes a long way, so make sure they know that by being a part of your team there is always space for their perspective and ideas.

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