Is entrepreneurship the right fit for you?

Is entrepreneurship the right fit for you? What  you need to know about starting a business before you pull your hair out:

Buckle up, sit tight and lets roll!

You started your business to solve a problem. It may be a problem that has existed in the lives of your customers for a while. There may even be solutions to the problem that already exist. What differentiates YOU is that you are solving the problem better than everyone else. 
The first step in fine-tuning how to solve your customers’ problems is to determine exactly who your customer is. 

Who is your audience:

In order to launch a successful business, you need to be fulfilling a direct need in your customer base. In order to nail this, you need to know your customer as well as they know themselves. 



Who is your audience:

If you were to imagine your perfect customer, who would they be? Challenge yourself to picture them in such fine-tuned detail that they could be your best friend.

Where do you find them:

How do you connect with your customer? Is it online, through social media, in print ads, or in person? 

What do they do for work:

What does your ideal customer do for work every day? What is their commute like? How much down-time do they have? Where do their thoughts go every day?

What do they do for fun:

What does your customer base do to unwind? Are they unwinding as much as possible? Do they have enough disposable income to relax fully? Are they surrounded by people that spark joy and laughter?


In order to solve your customers problems, you need to know them as well as they know themselves. You need to be able to describe your customer in excruciating detail without batting an eyelash. 


If you’re ready to start getting to know your customer, and rocking it in your business, JOIN US!

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