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On this day three years ago, I said yes to supporting women and helping them grow their business in order to maximize their results.  This affirmation has lead to over 1600 women’s lives being changed, finances transformed and families restored.  And heaven is not done yet!
As the 4th year knocks at the door, there is a new direction as we endeavor to reach new heights.  Entrepreneurs are being called into the deep, and heaven has given new orders: it’s GO TIME.  2020 has demanded that we think in a new way, and shift and create differently.
Innovate is a  virtual conference with a mission of creating new ventures in the marketplace for the season we are in. We are bringing the best speakers in the industry to your screen, seasoned and ready to pour out all of their knowledge and answer all your questions.
We are thrilled to introduce you to your speakers!
Carol Mbithi Dey is a Christian Woman, Wife, Speaker, Singer, Songwriter. She is a Holistic Health Wealth Coach, who’s Passionate about Helping People Transform their Lives, get Healthy from the Inside out, so they can Truly Fulfil their God Given Purpose. She has worked in the Healthcare industry as a Nurse since 2004, currently specializing as a Hospice Nurse.
Kate Ribini is a brilliant brand Manager who creates an identity and brand for you and your product by defining your image in relation to the market to position you in your industry. 
She is a graphic designer who uses her creativity to combine text, symbols, and pictures as a means of visual communication for you, and your product to the consumer
She is a Church Administrator and serves as a worship leader at World Dominion Ministries International in Kenya. She is the founder of Worship Behind the Veil, A worship ministry teaching believers to worship in Spirit and in truth.
Purity Ateku is a catalyst of change. She is President and founder of Beyond Next Level, a program that mentors and propels people to expand beyond their abilities, achieve greatness, maximize their potential, and transform their way of thinking. She is also a co-founder of K-NADS, the first sacco for women by women in North America.
David Grady is a Senior Attorney and Alum of UNM Law and has been a New Mexico attorney for the past 45 years. Over the years, David′s practice has been concentrated in complex estate planning, asset protection, business, corporate and securities matters, real estate, and construction matters, and in alternative methods of dispute resolution (ADR).  In the business world, David has been the owner and developer of many real estate projects and has been involved as a principal and executive in several technology and alternative energy businesses.  David has also worked extensively in the non-profit world, both founding and serving on the boards of many non-profit organizations.  In the ADR area, David has served as a court-appointed ″Wise Person″, as a mediator (and periodically as an arbitrator) in a wide variety of commercial and family disputes.
Rose Shiku is a Corporate and Spiritual Thought Leader who stands in the gap in business, faith, and entrepreneurship. A seer with an eye for detail to see disorder and offer solutions that bring growth, expansion, and elevation. She is a Team Developer who builds and equips strong unified, and sturdy teams through her tailor-made training programs. She is a writer who expresses herself through pen and paper. She uses her writing skills to connect to the world with creativity and relevance. She has authored “Nuggets for Effective Leadership” a book of reflections for leaders. She is also a Pastor and a worshipper transforming the lives of many through the gift of song and songwriting.
Join us on August 13th and 14th on all social medial platforms as we help you innovate, establish and create new services or products in the marketplace. @Abbyglobalventures #Innovation #BuildingBigger

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