Embracing Change

Every woman longs to be seen, selected and made significant.  Yet we are faced at every turn with obstacles and doubts from those we turn to for reassurance.

Because the enemy knows our deepest desire and therefore our greatest vulnerability, he uses self-doubt to contaminate it.  Do not be phased by these tired tactics!  Stay vigilant and focused on what is true and determined as we wait for the unknown.

Remember the branch we were cut from.  Recall how you overcame major battles in the past, for those patterns hold true now more than ever.  A break in the wave will come, so focus on building your resilience to ensure that you may bounce back quickly.

We must all come to terms with the fact that that our normal has changed.  Only by tuning in to our new reality can we formulate new decisions with the velocity and clarity that is required.

Ask yourself what your new reality looks like, and how it affects what you do.  How will exposure to these new circumstances expedite your growth?
Not all exposure is bad.  Some exposure expands our expectations and opens up our minds to build our heightened perspective.  

Embrace the changes you are presented with, and adapt to your evolution as you were created to do.

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