Executing Smart Transitions

There can be a lot or resistance and uncertainty when it comes to planning and executing a transition – but you don’t need to be afraid of making a change! Having a plan goes a long way in easing the hesitation we can feel when it’s time to switch things up. Not sure of how to get started? Follow these starting points:

  1. Determine your timeline – once you have an overarching idea of when to execute the necessary measures, you’ll be surprised how easily the rest falls into place.
  2. Mark clear and informed steps – this is no time for ambiguity, so really ask yourself how each part of the process can propel you best to the next. Your phases of transition should be distinct, but keenly crafted to best support each other.
  3. Narrow down the necessary tools and resources you’ll need – it’s easy to find yourself in a situation where you’re suddenly tapped out, so plan ahead!And most importantly, don’t rush into it! Gradual transitions are always best to avoid major disruptions to your workflow and operations.


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