You cannot blend in when you were meant to stand out

We’re human, guys. Attention is what we seek and conformity can bring us comfort. It’s the commonalities and relations to other people that make us unite as friends, family, significant others, etc. So at times, when we find something that differs from the rest, it could be our looks, personality, thoughts, or anything else, we can feel more comfortable suppressing that difference rather than owning it.

As Dr. Seuss puts it, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out”? Today we live in a world where competition runs the social and professional realms of existence. Our differences are what make us unique and able to shine. There is something to be said about someone who acknowledges their distinctions and understands how to shed a positive and confident light about them.

So why put in all the effort to disguise them when you can magnify them to your benefit. As author Jarod Kintz cleverly states, “Today we’re living in an anti-Waldo world, where you don’t want to blend in and have people struggle to find you. You want your personal brand to stand out like you’re wearing a red and white sweater, and everyone else has on black”. Be that Waldo that everyone wants to find.

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