Women and Wealth

By nature, we are all social creatures, male or female. But it’s difficult to deny that women bring a little something special to the table. Women are seen as the caretaker, the protector, the provider and the inspirer in one body. Women have learned to adapt to new environments, finding their voice when others are trying to stifle them, carrying with them a valuable wealth that is needed for the success of each society. Their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wealth is vital to the growth of mankind.

To understand how strong a woman is, just consider how each and every one of us made it to this point. We all come from a mother, a woman who endured months of discomfort to produce a helpless little being. She then must care for the child, using her own energy to feed and comfort it. She spends years devoting her life to the success of her offspring while still focusing on her own needs. This is a physically demanding process but it also takes strength in the mind.

Every day women face difficult decisions. Especially in a society like ours, where women are expected to be the mothers and the breadwinners. When you’re expected to do everything and to do it with grace it takes more than physical strength, it requires mental strength. Women must draw knowledge from all around them and apply it to new situations to succeed. This wealth of understanding and knowledge is powerful when paired with emotional strength.

What allows women to succeed in so many aspects of life, is their ability to understand others. Women are intuitive creatures, they know when to fire up and when to back down. They empathize with those around them and seek a deeper understanding of the actions made by others. Women are also brave enough to venture inward, to understand their own actions. This wealth of emotional knowledge allows women to constantly inspire those around them.

When you begin to understand yourself and those around you, you start to see how connected every being is. Through experience and conversation, women see a bigger picture that leads them down the path of spiritual wealth. When you look deeper you will see women are the driving force behind every being that feels included and taken care of. There is an understanding that this sense of belonging is not unique, it is universal.

Women are rich in insight and compassion. It is a woman’s innate ability to bring light to the lives of others, by simply bringing their wealth of experience and knowledge to the table.

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