Want to be an Empowered Woman?


Of Course You Do! But What Does That Even Mean?  We are going to break it down for you!

On May 21st a speaker series with life coach Linda Parker begins – including an interview with me! When you go to the link and join us for this series of powerful conversations, you’ll discover how to stop feeling overwhelmed and stuck, and start taking action to define a life that’s truly fulfilling—and then take steps toward living it!

You’ll also learn how to manage your mindset, ditch overwhelm and fear, and begin making REAL change.

Linda, a certified coach and speaker and trained Law of Attraction Coach, is the perfect person to host this online interview series. After a 35-year career in banking, she discovered coaching is her true passion.

Now, she specializes in guiding incredible, passionate, giving women to really love themselves, so they can do, be, and have what is in their heart.

Join her—and me—for the Fearless Women Series starting May 21 by reserving your spot here.

Do, Be, And Have What Is In Your Heart.

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