Up for the Challenge

Have you ever snow shoed? It sure looks simple to walk the snow with just a pair of flat hardwood frames attached to your feet, but if you don’t understand how to maneuver yourself against the precious and delicate snow, gravity will work against your favor. I myself have tried and triumphed over this energy-expending activity through 8 feet of snow elevation, but because of my determination to succeed this challenge, I discovered the right support to help me trek over 6 miles! It’s a daunting journey to cover new grounds, literally, but so worth the accomplishment. The same goes for anything you wish to achieve in life. In any new situation our fear, patience and tolerance are tried and tested. Yet, when we know exactly where to look and receive support that can help us attain our goals, we are set-up for success. Abby Global Ventures aims to be that reservoir of knowledge, information and services that can help entrepreneurial and like-minded, goal oriented women, such as ourselves, reach our goals no matter how difficult or daunting they may be. Check out our e-book, Business from Within.

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