Who Runs The World? Girls!: Ruling the Global Marketplace as a Woman

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The last few years have seen an increase in women-owned businesses. However, women often face unique challenges when looking to start and run a business. Many struggle to balance the traditional roles of wife and mother with the demands of entrepreneurship. Although entrepreneurship can be challenging, it isn’t impossible. Here are a few tips that may help women looking to start a business.

1. Play to your strengths.
Starting and maintaining a business takes a lot of time and energy, so pick an industry that you are passionate about. It’s not enough to just like it. You need to be excited to spend numerous hours thinking about and working within that field. When you are passionate, it shows. Your enthusiasm and connection to what you are doing shines through to your customers, sparking their excitement.
2. Fit your business to your personal goals.
Businesses can take a variety of forms. Make sure you’re choosing a model that works for your lifestyle. Looking to add some extra income to the household coffers, but still want to make it to brunch with the girlfriends regularly and every game of Little League this season? Maybe a part-time schedule is best. Looking to really dive deep, establish a strong brand, and build a legacy? A full-time work plan is probably your best option. Want to be sure we can build in time with the family at the drop of a hat? Work from home. Need a quiet space separate from the chaos of home to work? Rent a storefront or shared office space.
3. Keep your home and work life separate.
When it’s tempting to let work and home blend into each other, It is important to set aside time for both personal and work issues in order to give each the attention it deserves. Set specific office hours and unless there is an emergency, stick to them. Train yourself to work during office hours, then leave your work at work when the day is done. Create a separate work area, whether inside the home or in outside office space, shut the door to the office after hours, and resist the urge to “handle a few small work things” during your personal time.
4. Embrace technology.
Technology can help or hinder. Put it to work for you. Utilize apps that help keep you on schedule, create auto responders to let clients know their email has been received and your estimated response time, and let voicemail pick up calls when you’re busy focusing on other tasks. Let your tech work for you!
5. Establish connections.
It can be difficult to work alone, so reach out to those around you. Find a mentor or create a support group and share your ideas, goals and frustrations. Let your peers know what you’re working on and allow them to send new clients or connections your way. Be sure to “give back” as well, offering support and assistance when others need it.
Having your own business is an adventure, so embrace the challenges and rewards it offers. Not sure you’re ready to dive-in alone? Check out Abby Millionaire Academy for tried and true tips for getting your brand established and out into the marketplace. There’s no better time to start than now!

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