How to Architect Your Startup

Where would a successful business be without a wealth of innovation? The answer is – nowhere! Stagnancy is one of the easiest habits to fall into, especially when our attention is so often divided into multiple areas of our lives. How can you keep creativity and progress alive when you only have so many hours in the day? We have a few tips that might help:

  1.  Make fresh “blueprints”
    • Your greatest tool for innovation is your own vision! Map out your ideas, strategies and desires with a new roadmap often – some people find that doing this as often as every week is the right increment to ignite the passion and motivation they need to enact meaningful change.
  2. Recognize that the process is just as exciting as the finished product
    • We all have our eye on the end goal, but appreciating and savoring the path it takes to get there is just as important. Find joy in the “mess” that you have to make and learn to harness the power of the process. If you can do that, the challenge of starting a new project will never feel as daunting again!
  3. Be your own “anchor”
    • We often turn to other people and resources to ground or validate ourselves – but you can be your own ultimate architect. Trust yourself, and your power – without this, you have nothing! There is always value in collaboration, but in order to truly master your work you must be able to serve as your own foundation when things get chaotic.

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