Great Customer Service: The formula for success

As an entrepreneur, the goal is to build a company that bears a good name. With a gift-shopping list, you may find that Nordstrom tends to always be your first stop, or if you’re in need of an oil change, Jiffy Lube may automatically come to mind. You want your business to be no different. How can you build a brand that people trust when it comes to your field of expertise? Regardless of what type of company you are running, there is a uniform formula to becoming the instinctive choice of your customers…it’s called great customer Service.
  • Great product + Great customer service= Repeat customers
  • Marketing resources + Positive reputation= Acquiring new clients
  • “Acquiring new clients” + “Repeat customers”= More money/Growth
Since marketing resources are often funded by “repeat customers”, and “Positive reputation” is built by happy pre-existing clients (aka “repeat clients”), then…
  • Growth/More money= Great product + Great customer service
Do you have a great product? Then your next step is to learn how to offer great customer service. Offering your clients great service will fuel existing customers to return to your company again, which will aide in acquiring new customers. And if the new customers are experiencing the same great service as the pre-existing customers, you have successfully built the foundation to become a household name in your industry.
On the other hand, having a great product without great customer service can taint your clients’ experiences. Typically, negative interactions leave heavier impact than positive ones. That means that even if a customer receives a great product from your company, but has a less than desirable customer service experience, they are more likely to remember the negative customer experience.
Members of the Care Info Club have access to the Abby Millionaire Academy. It trains individuals to provide excellent customer service; the type of service that will turn a new customer into a repeat customer time and time again. Enroll in the Abby Millionaire Academy today, and ensure that you are pairing your company’s “great product” with equally “great customer service”.

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