Empowering Your Female Employees

Have you found yourself feeling inundated lately, and even a bit overwhelmed? Well, we’ve got news for you – you are not the only one! Busy women are everywhere, and it’s time to acknowledge it.

As primary caregivers and often co-breadwinners, we have a lot on our plate.  In the olden times when women were only permitted to stay home with the children, that was plenty of work on its own- but women now enjoy the same opportunities that men do to finesse their careers and climb to high ranking roles within hugely successful companies.

Having this freedom and versatility is no doubt empowering to us all – our limitless potential is something to be celebrated!

But that all changed when the pandemic hit and millions of families found that their schools and daycares were closed, rendering a new and urgent need for childcare at home. And of course, it was the mothers that were expected to figure out how to balance their professional careers in addition to their sudden secondary career of nanny and/or teacher.

The result? Overworked, overwhelmed and overtasked women scrambling to stay on top of their demanding jobs, keep their children safe and happy, and simultaneously contend with the mental effects of the pandemic in general. It is simply too much, and our sisters need help!

Companies with employees in these situations should be supporting them, if only for the mere fact that it will better help them retain their talented employees in an age where retention is never more important. But how? We have some thoughts:

  1. Empathy – It really is the best tool you can equip yourself with in order to understand where your employees are coming from. And if you don’t know? Ask! Opening a dialogue can provide insight into what makes them tick and how you can help them be the best possible employee for both their needs and your own. 
  2. Flexibility – Did you know that single mothers report financial insecurity as one of their top concerns? Now imagine the stress it must cause to fear that you will lose your job due to unwavering rules and scheduling needs, which you can’t adhere to because of the strains from the pandemic. Making work hours as flexible as you can ensures that your team stays productive and your company remains profitable.
  3. Wellness – Working from home is a double-edged sword: while there are no doubt benefits, it can also create complications for your employees’ home life and mental state. When your employees are tasked with executing their normal work duties and maintaining their home and children’s schedules, it can be a recipe for disaster. Here are some ways you can help:
    • Bringing benefits packages into the 21st century by offering:
      • Memberships to health clinics and fitness centers
      • Access to virtual yoga, meditation, and mindfulness sessions
      • Telehealth services
  4. Stay Connected – Offer a virtual conversation for female employees, and make sure that their voices are heard. You can also help them create and maintain connections with colleagues who may be experiencing the same thing during this time of uncertainty by scheduling a virtual networking event or enrolling groups in learning programs together.

Are you committed to keeping your female employees supported and on track? Then step up your game! Taking specific measures like the ones we’ve outlined here is the surest way to transform your workforce and ensure the growth and development of the talented women who make up your team.

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