A new path

This month has opened a new path to me. My axis has shifted and the environment that I thought was conducive all of a sudden has become very new and unknown.

However, it has created a space for me to rethink my goals and ambitions, and I have chosen to concentrate on my purpose in life. With all that I have achieved over the years, through business, education and coaching, I truly understand what is important to me.

My experience has taught me to always focus on what works for you. When given a choice, always choose what makes you happy as you will be far more successful than if you work at something that you don’t enjoy.

Embrace change
Change can be good, but focus on your purpose. Plan ahead, be organised, set your sights on success. Don’t be afraid of the new, but be excited by it. Picture the people you’ll meet, the places you’ll see and what you will learn along the way. Don’t think of a new path as being dangerous, think of it as being dynamic, impelling and inspiring.

People are drawn to happy people.
Image via Flickr.

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