4 Cornerstones of Business Success

I’ve mapped out 4 cornerstones of business success:

1. All skills can be learned

There isn’t a single skill that can’t be learned. If you find yourself saying that you can’t do something, note that as an opportunity to lean in and learn more. You can’t do it yet; but with some hard work, patience, and the right support you can master anything.

2. All life goes in trend – question what is the general direction of the trend. Sharpen your skills by studying

There is an inherent ebb and flow to life. If you cannot see the pattern, zoom out further and it will appear. Curiously discover the ebb and flow of your industry, and plan your business cycles around that.

3. Read in your field for at least 30 minutes every day

In these fast-paced times, you need to keep up on the shifts of your industry daily. Set aside 30 minutes every day to keep up-to-date on the trend;  whether that be over your morning coffee, on your daily commute, on your lunch break, or before winding down for bed. Block off sacred time for reading, and stick to it.

4. Invest generously in yourself

If you want others to invest in you, you must first invest in yourself. Whether than mean carving out time for self-care, getting that new suit, or getting the right education, invest generously in YOU.

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