3 Reasons to Get The Help You Need As An Entrepreneur


Many people are unwilling or unable to ask for help. There is an underlying current in our society that asking for help is a sign of weakness or ignorance. Especially in business, people want to appear strong and competent. Another barrier is a fear that in asking for help, you then owe the person who helped you a favor. In this era of independence, people are averse to owing anything to anyone but themselves. In our western world, self-reliance is king – often to the detriment of those that hold it as their core value.

The Value of Different Perspectives

When we do our thinking in a silo, we miss the opportunity for differing perspectives. We all have blind spots, and it is a guarantee that we are going to miss things as we develop our ideas into reality. Asking the help of others gives us the opportunity to see things from a new angle, identify what we missed, and make our visions so much stronger.

Relationship Building

People love to help. Remember a time that you helped another and how good it felt. When you ask for help, you enable the other person to have that wonderful feeling too! This can lay the foundation for fruitful business relationships. When you allow someone to help you, they can feel open to asking for help when they need it too. A reciprocal relationship is formed that strengthens the foundation of both of your businesses.

Burnout – The Early-Stage Entrepreneurs’ Highest Risk Factor

Burnout is real! When we try to do it all, we open the door to the highest risk factor of all – burnout. Without the leader at the helm, the ship can run aground. Asking for help when it’s needed is one of the best ways to avoid burnout. Set a weekly ritual of identifying the places in your life and your business where help is needed, and then spend the time asking for the support that you need. Integrate this practice into your larger self-care routine. It could make all the difference.


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